Why do I need Friski to search my Instagram posts?

Instagram's search lets you look for users and popular hashtags but it doesn't let you limit the search to your own posts

We couldn't believe this either so we wrote this app

What can I search for?

You can search for #hashtags, @users (both mentions and tags) and locations. Or any keyword in your captions.

And yes, even emoji

Can I search anyone else's posts?

Sorry, only your own. Instagram limits what Friski can access.

And well, you probably should open the Instagram app for that

How does this work?

Once you authorize the Friski app to connect to your Instagram account, it scans your post data and creates a search index that matches to your posts AKA the sync data.

Whenever you open the app, it also checks to see if it should look for new posts on Instagram.

We wait at least 10 minutes between checks. But if you're impatient to see that new post get added, you can hold down on your total post count and do a manual sync

Where is all this data stored?

All of your sync data is stored on your device.

We don't send the data anywhere. Everything happens in the Friski app on your device



How do I delete my sync data?

Your sync data is deleted when you disconnect Friski from your Instagram account.

And of course if you delete the Friski app (which we hope you won't do)

Is there an Android version?

Just iOS for now

What if I need support? Or want to ask for a new feature in Friski?

You can email us at support@friskisearch.com

No promises on getting that new feature added

Updated: January 23, 2018